Inundated by apples

It’s harvest time here in Wisconsin. We are back to school, and taking weekend jaunts out to the farm. On our last trip we picked apples and hazelnuts. The hazelnut bushes were overflowing and I happily picked baskets full, my head spinning with dreams of vodka gimlets, homemade Nutella and baked goods.

From left to right: pea, smaller hazelnut and shell, large hazelnut and shell, penny, 50 cent Euro coin (for metric comparison).

Several rounds of dehydration later, I ended up with 2 quart-size bags of hazelnuts. When cracked open, tiny hazelnuts made me feel I had been duped. That’s a lot of work for such a small nut!

More apples….

How many things can one make with apples? I’m in the process of finding out!

2 weeks ago we picked apples from the old trees and from a tree that was looking distressed. While the apples seemed too small, they came off easily. We weren’t sure they’d make it another week or 2, so we filled bags and the basket.

8 things to do with apples:

1. Give to friends and family. This is the fastest way to turn your massive haul into a seemingly more manageable pile.

2. Apple sauce is easily made in the crock pot. More difficult is the peeling, coring and chopping. And then there’s the convincing family to eat applesauce at every turn.

3. Apple crisp has been a hit every time I make it. Awesome.

4. Apple chips- these were pretty easy- peel and core apples, dip in cinnamon sugar mixture and put in the food dehydrator. No one else liked these but me.

5. Pie filling- labor intensive for delayed gratification. Into the freezer they go!

6. Apple dumplings- made with pillsbury grands dough. So yummy!

7. Rotten Apple compost (this one takes literally no effort)

8. Go and pick more because guess what! There’s another tree that’s ready!

Yep. This week we again enjoy a beautiful

Fall apple-picking day. Just like in this sweet book we bought from scholastic book order.

Ivan was pretty helpful, once I let him re-enact scenes from the book. Up he climbed, and it was pretty adorable.

Apples comin’ your way.

Then I made apple dumplings in the toaster oven. That was a total win!

The apple dumpling gang…

So now the harvest is complete! And my hands are getting calloused from peeling and coring apples. Pour me a gimlet!


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