Happy Solstice!

Oh my! The days are long and the nights are buggy!

Most of my update has to do with agriculture this time. I apologize if you were hoping for hilarity- this post is mostly just pleasant, with a little bit of impending doom mixed in. Plus a lovely new furniture item addition for those who read (or scroll) all the way to the end. 
The orchard is flourishing on this midsommar weekend. We were here a couple weeks ago without enough ado to warrant a blog post. I did snap a couple shots of what looked to be tiny apples. 

I also noticed that my new Honeycrisp tree looked quite sad. A colleague with lots of apple growing experience warned me that honeycrisps are notoriously difficult to grow, so my goal is just to keep this guy alive. We will make do with those 4 remaining green leaves for now. 

 I watered all the trees like crazy on our last visit, and was pleased with what I found this morning on the farm. While the Honeycrisp looks about the same, the apple trees were absolutely covered in pretty little green and pink apples. 

Check these out!

It’s clear now that the pruning made a real difference. There’s one tree that looks denser than the rest, and guess what. Almost no apples. 

Thriving and healthy…and infertile?!?

Contrast that tree with the one below. Apparently air and light flow really do make a difference. How you like them apples?!?

But sadly, one of the cherry trees has taken a turn for the worse. We’ve had good rain, so I’m not sure what is causing the issue. So now two baby trees are in serious, but hopefully stable condition. 

The cantaloupe seeds have done well, and it doesn’t appear that animals are interested in them. 

Melons. Minnesota Midget variety.

I also saw lots of little hazelnuts and I hope to figure out when and how to harvest those this year. 

Inside the house, the temporary cabin is nearly completely outfitted with all the desired creature comforts. I’m hoping to finish up the entryway with some storage and a cute bench.  There’s a bench from Target’s awesome spring collection that I’ve been eyeing for some time. Yesterday I saw it was marked down from $99 to $29. Yes!!

Beautiful bench!

Modeling the bench

The midsummer flowers made for a lovely bouquet on our midsummer table. Too bad there so many bugs we had to pack up and eat indoors.  The prevalence of ticks should start winding down as mosquitoes and deer flies replace them. Isn’t nature delightful?

We will back in about 10 days, and I hope those apples and ailing trees can hold on for one/ten more days. Enjoy this blast from the past:



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