A Burning Desire….

It’s Memorial Day weekend and our goal is to install a fire pit overlooking the orchard. This was also the first mow of the season, and we were quickly reminded of the various repairs that the tractor needs: new seat, sharpened blades, general engine maintenance. We mowed out the fire pit area as best we could. The grass was about 18 inches tall and full of ticks. Nice. 

Can you spot the tractor in the grass?

The next step was digging out the pit. We found a random metal ring in a junk pile and decided it would serve our fire pit well. 

Pogo stick or pit digger?

Once the pit was about 10″ deep, we filled it with some sand. 

Getting that beach feeling

We weren’t quite ready for a fire yet, although things were looking promising. 

Steve insisted we couldn’t light a fire until we completed the ring with rocks. We grilled some marshmallows over the grill and contemplated where we might locate some basketball-sized rocks in the property. 

Baby’s first s’mores

As we drifted off to sleep, Steve remembered throwing a bunch of rocks in the old silo many years ago. So we set off on a rock hunt the next morning, hoping to score big in the silo. 

The old silo at the end of our driveway

Steve warned us that it would be gross, and indeed it was. The silo had become a garbage dump. But sure enough, among the piles of junk and random jars of mysterious content were tons of suitable rocks. Steve descended into the abyss, and we waited to receive our treasures. As he slipped out of sight, my thoughts went to the an intriguing sight I had glimpsed earlier on the drive towards the farm. A few miles down the road, an old silo is getting a makeover. What an adorable renovation! That porch! That roof! What will they put inside? Could our silo be that cute??

Giving an old silo a lot of love

Steve looked pretty happy going in there. He told us to look down, and in doing so, my silo renovation dreams were dashed a bit. I guess we could do something along the lines of a “jungle ruins” theme….

Be careful in there!

The silo full of crap and treasures!


As the rocks were passed up, we rolled them towards the waiting car. Moss definitely grew on these Rolling Stones!

On a roll….

Will that be enough?


The critical question was “how many?” We initially guessed that 15 would be the magic number, and as the back of the car filled, and Steve felt the years being shaved off his life, we called it good and drive back to the (other) pit. 

This could be a Subaru ad…

I started placing the stones, and we worried we had underestimated how many we needed. 

Placing the very first rock

We placed stone after stone, and 15 turned out to be just the right number! Hooray!


And finally, the moment of truth! We got some sticks aflame! 

The weekend’s chores also included some gardening. Last time we were here, I planted our sad-looking seedlings. This weekend, they appear to be dead and gone. And only deer hoof footprints remained in the bed. 

Did they die a natural death?

But I’m not giving up yet! I planted some rainbow carrot and cantaloupe seeds and I’m still hopeful. I think I’ll get some seedlings from the local garden shop in a last ditch effort to make something of the 2017 season. I also planted a blueberry bush. Even as my plants shrivel and die, my ambition remains strong!

We hope you enjoy time with friends and family this Memorial Day! Maybe you’ll enjoy a fire and some s’mores, or perhaps you’ll kill some plants? No matter what you do, remember that even a crappy old silo can yield a much desired treasure. 


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