Kid tested, mother (and father, and stepmother, and mother-in-law) approved! 

It’s Mother’s Day and the weather couldn’t be more delightful! The landscape had changed so much in these couple visits. The last few weeks have brought visits from all of our parental units! First was a visit from my dad and stepmom. This was their first visit to the farm, and they came with hiking boots, bug spray and a machete for Steve! I wonder if we could use that machete to trim Steve’s crazy hair?!

My dad is a Civil Engineer, and he brought some surveyors tape. We are looking to forge a new path back to the river. We hiked through the woods, marking our path. This worked way better than bread crumbs! The grandparents were real troopers. The terrain was treacherous and involved some mud, but we did finally make it down to the river. And we found our way back too. 

Down by the river…

After that exhilarating hike we needed some libations. We enjoyed some beer sampling at the Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls, WI. I really like their new grapefruit shandy. I may new to stock up on that. Cheers!

Last weekend my mom came up, also hoping to get to spend time at the farm.  It was just not meant to be, sadly. My car started acting up and had to spend some time at the mechanics. Steve’s mom came to our place so she and mom could finally meet.   We enjoyed a lovely afternoon on the deck. How do you like my new Marimekko table cloth?!?

This weekend we were able to get back at it, and lo and behold- the apple trees were in bloom! I’ve never seen flowers on these trees before! And most impressive is the tree I thought was basically dead. Wow. And standing under them you could hear the happy bees doing their thing. I feel proud that our little orchard is supporting these local pollinators. Maybe, just maybe we will have apples this year?!? And the baby trees all seemed to be doing quite well too. We also noticed that there are quite a few choke cherry trees around, as they were covered in white flowers too. 

Cherries! Ok,  not really. I found these at the grocery store, but imagine a few years from now… 

Bedtime! I got the veggie bed hoed and ready for the baby plants. Unfortunately our seedlings were pretty sad looking by the time I got around to planting them. I’m trying some new crops this year: rainbow carrots, broccoli, and cantaloupe. Below are my sorry little zucchinis, cukes, and a pumpkin plant. 

We could’ve gotten more done, but we spend half our time doing tick checks these days. Yikes. There are a LOT of ticks in the north woods. We also saw a snake, and some very evil tent worms in an apple tree. We’ve heard coyotes at night, and I think I saw a bear. It’s quite the wildlife sanctuary out here. But it truly is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Minneapolis and enjoy the fresh air and vibrant colors of early summer. 

It was a good Mother’s Day for me. I enjoyed cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and got to spend time outside on a beautiful day. I got many hugs from little Ivan. And to top it all off, Steve bought me some Leinenkugel’s grapefruit shandy at the gas station on the drive back to the cities. Cheers!


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