Happy Earth Day Weekend!

We’ve been so lucky to have warm, dry weather these last few days. This weekend’s main chore was to get a few more fruit trees added to the orchard.

Considering that we survive on bagels, burgers, and the occasional taco dinner (when I’m feeling a little loco), all these local fruits seem both exotic and ridiculously nutritious. It’s not that I’m not interested in healthy eating, it’s just difficult to shop and pack groceries in Minnesota and then transport them nearly 200 miles to the farm. Plus, I am a bit lazy. Last weekend we drove to the nearest town, and found out they no longer had a grocery store. So other than a gas station, actual groceries are about 40 miles away. Welcome to the food desert. 

Our local organic tree nursery, AlbrechtsNursery.com, helped us select varieties that would work well in our area. It was quick and easy!

Strap ’em down.

I love bare root tree shopping!

Digging holes turned out to be a breeze. We also already had many bags of manure/compost mix that would come in handy. 

Gross. And awesome too.

Planting the 4 new trees took about 90 minutes, thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law. We now have a new Honeycrisp Apple (thanks to our Alma Mater, the U of MN horticulturists), a Meteor Cherry, An Evan’s Bali cherry tree, and a Mount Royal Plum. I’m trying not to feel bad about being totally winded by the tree planting task, while the M-I-L barely broke a sweat. 

Goldy Gopher would be proud.

Tucked in

Once planted, it was time for watering. Again we lucked out and were able to make use of what I thought was “random junk” cluttering things up. Copious amounts of rubber hose allowed us to reach all the way to the orchard. Score! Too bad the pipes to the spigot burst last winter. Sigh. But Steve has become quite the plumber, and we had water running to those baby trees in no time. Last years coffee grinds and egg shells found a final Resting place at the base of the older trees. I’m so eco, don’t you think? 


We now have 2 rows of trees. Ah, the symmetry! I love it! 

Steve also went through his storage unit (it’s a creepy old school bus), and found some real treasures. Of course he has an old Atari. But I’ve never heard of the game “Atmosfear” but it does sound thrilling?

Atmosfear and Scrabble. Strange bedfellows.

“Pappa Don’t Preach 11”

What is a Pdp-11? I have the sinking feeling that I’m going to find out. We should have some special guests here next weekend, and at least one of them has a lot of obscure technology knowledge. 

Until then, take care of yourselves and your part of the planet. 


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