Just call me Jojo…

We hope you had a restful Easter weekend! We’ve been working hard, taking regular breaks from eating Cream Eggs. Check out our lovely Swedish påskris- sticks brought indoors and forced to sprout leaves before their time. 

Have you ever noticed how similar this blog is to the HGTV hit show Fixer Upper?? Well, neither have I, but I like to think there are some likenesses. For instance, the new Joanna (Jojo) Gaines home decor line has received praise from many, although some have scoffed at the price tags of some items. It’s as if people don’t think throw pillows should cost $100. 

High end centerpiece.

Getting crafty


I sewed up some of my new Marimekko PVC coated fabric into a nice tablecloth. This pattern is called “puketti”, Finnish for bouquet. 

Walpurgis Eve is just 2 weeks away.  Will we be ready to burn away the last remnants of winter, and scare away witches and trolls? For that, we will need a fire pit. Time to clear out a nice spot for future fires. We pulled out some random pieces of farm equipment using the tractor, and added them to a junk like further afield. 

What the heck is this thing?!?!

Once the junk was cleared, we got to work mowing down the brambles.  We’d like to expand the yard a bit, maybe that will keep some of the bugs at bay during our fires. 

Very professional landscape planning

Next weekend is fruit tree planting time- we are planning on some cherry trees and a plum tree (notice the tree with the purple plum in the middle). My thought is to have the fire pit look out on the orchard.  And speaking of fruit trees, there some a lot of promising-looking buds on our apple trees. Maybe this will be the year!! 

What are those white things at the ends of the branches? Marshmallows??

I dug out two dead tree stumps to get ready. One of the stumps required a little help from the tractor. But now we’ve got 2 holes ready for new trees. 

It wasn’t all work- we balanced things out with a little kubb (Viking lawn bowling game), and I opened my trusty box of Pinot Grigio.  We also ate up some of our dyed eggs, as well as plenty of candy and chocolates.  And some blueberry muffins. Wow. I guess we ate a lot this weekend. Oops.

Does this shirt make me look more like Joanna Gaines?

April showers are predicted for next week, and we all know what that means. Hey, at least it’s not snow. 



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