We need some color!

This is the season of brown, grey, and taupe. Thankfully, itseems winter is solidly behind us now, so prepare for more frequent updates from our farm. Ivan and I got a head start on our agricultural ambitions by choosing and planting some seeds for the veggie patch. 

Warmer days are on their way!

A rainbow of pre-school favorites!

The long, hard winter is a perfect time to make some plans for summer gardening. My dear mother-in-law lent me a slew of books to help me study up. 

But wait- there are more horticultural goals for 2017! I’ve been in contact with a local nursery and it looks like our new cherry and plum trees will need to get planted at the end of the month. A stroll out to the orchard revealed that critters had been menacing the trees! Oh, deer! 

Oh, deer!

All around the lower branches, buds had been nibbled off *Marge Simpson growl of dismay*!!

So the wire fencing makes a comeback this spring- it’s what all the smart apple trees are wearing. 

We are finishing up the last indoor projects. We recently got the flooring installed in the little entryway.  Steve also repaired the plumbing line for the hot water in the bathtub. This is what I call teamwork: I watch Fixer Upper while Steve actually fixes up. And I shhh him. 

Can you please keep it down?

I also did some important Cabin Rehabin work last week when I shopped at the AlwaysMod store closing sale near Minneapolis. My good friend Sue and I got some sweet deals on some modern decor. I was, sadly, unable to convince Steve to invest in this great deal on a sofa. 

What a deal!!

So many European treasures! Such an empty checking account. 😦

Things should start greening up around here soon. 



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