Midwinter improvements!

We winterized and locked things up after Christmas, anticipating a long, cold winter. But now we are experiencing a February heat wave! So out to the farm we go. Over the last two weekends we’ve been able to get a few projects started. And some completed as well. Together they constitute major advancements in the fields of technology, agriculture, and sanitation. 

Boop beep boop boop.

Our first advancement comes in the area of technology. That’s me surfing the interwebs on our new wifi connection. This blog post is also being uploaded in record speed thanks to this innovation. 

Watch out!

I’m determined to get the apple trees producing this year. So I’ve been reading up on horticulture- shout out to the University of Minnesota extension service website!  Woot woot! After studying the trees and reading what I could, I realized I’m really clueless. Time to call in a professional.  

Our on-call arborist.

This is my knowlegable mother-in-law. She’s got the greenest thumbs around. She came out today to coach me through the pruning process. It’s about a month before I thought I’d be pruning, but with this unusually early start to spring, she thought it was time to get hacking. 

Dead limbs are no match for my limbs.

With the lower branches and dead limbs lopped off, we should have better luck this year.  Now I’m thinking ahead to compost, and a couple of cherry trees. 

Poor Steve spent this lovely spring day in the gross basement, dealing with shattered pipes. We really haven’t figured out how to keep the basement warm enough to avoid burst pipes every year. Sigh. Maybe we could get a fuzzy bear family to take up residence down there. 

When cutting into sewage pipes, always wear protection.

With temps near 60, we enjoyed some burgers on the grill, in the snow. 

In anticipation of having a functional kitchen sink, I bought this beautiful Japanese dish drying rack over a year ago. Finally, I was going to interpret the instruction manual (in Japanese) and add this beauty to our green kitchen!

At the end of our visit, Steve managed to get the pipes repaired, and to get the kitchen sink hooked up. Yes! Who knew washing dishes could feel so good?!

That’s actual hot water!

And then the moment of truth:

A new standard in hygiene!

Has spring really sprung? That’s anybody’s guess. But at least we have hot water and Netflix, so we’re good out here. 


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