Cozy snow days…

5 degrees Fahrenheit above zero. Winter is finally here! Thanks to our new baseboard heaters, we were able to spend a cozy winter weekend at the farm. Time for some Yuletide decor- now doesn’t that window look inviting?

Ivan and I braved the frozen landscape in search of some evergreen boughs to bring back home for my flower pots. Decaying flowers look great at Halloween, but just aren’t very cheery at Christmas time. We even spotted a broken birch branch to add to the mix. 

Martha Stewart would be proud…

But it wasn’t all fun and reindeer games. Steve also started the install of our new 40,000 BTU propane furnace. 


Hey man, you’re letting all the warm air out!

Our hard work was rewarded with the best chicken and dumpling soup ever, at a wonderful little place known as Chippewa Family Restaurant. De-lish!

It’s crazy good!

Further coziness was achieved with our new poäng chairs from IKEA. 

One can never have enough sheepskin…

We woke to several new inches of snow. Just as we thought we had left autumn behind, remembered that we needed to dump our massive pile of fall leaves into the woods so we could take our trailer back home. 

Pull harder!

Even with fresh snow around, it’s hard to resist the call of a massive mound of slightly decomposed leaves.

The leaf moving task ended with tears, as Ivan lost his little shovel in the heap. We were all sad to leave, but a work week awaits. It’s the end of the semester for me, and while I wish I could hide away in the woods, I must instead tackle a mound of grading. Please consider this our Christmas card to you, dear reader! Enjoy this beautiful season, and we will see you in the New Year!

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