Come and knock on our door…

It’s time to winterize!  This weekend we turned our attention to prepping the farm for fridged temps. Only we are having a heatwave in Wisconsin- it’s 70 degrees in November! The last time we had a November like this was in 1983, immortalized in the film Purple Rain when Prince and Appolonia ride down a country road on his bike, and she jumps in “Lake Minnetonka”. It’s that kind of day, although there won’t be any toplessness in this blog post. Sorry. 

Hey…don’t get my seat wet

We have heat! Steve got baseboard heaters installed in the bedroom and living room. Maybe our pipes won’t burst this winter?!?!

The front door has been getting worse and worse- sort of peeling apart at the corners. No sense in letting our newfound heat escape. Time for a new door. 

We bid you farewell, crappy door.

This project only took a morning to complete. All little sawzall action, some caulk, and beautiful summer-like weather converged to create the optimal circumstances for success. 

Daddy, can I try the Sawzall??

Normally, I’d be pretty unhappy about the gaping hole in the house on a Sunday morning in November. But with relatively few bugs, warm temps, and our resident handyman, my fears were quickly laid to rest. 

Honey, this plastic sheet just isn’t going to cut it.


American Gothic / Three’s Company

And all this was completed before lunch on Sunday. One of our most productive weekends yet. 

Next week Steve wants to install a proper furnace, and finish up the kitchen sink. I’m dreaming of a couple of comfy chairs for the living area. I think we will be back at IKEA soon, getting our “mys” on. I think there’s a sheepskin rug in our future… and probably some snow. 


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