Tree scouting, sink routing

We are well into fall here in Northern Wisconsin. The trees are at peak color, and the evening chill smells of hypothermia. It’s the perfect time of year to do what I call “tree scouting”- looking for the best views from the building site, so we can decide where to place large windows, decks, and the screened-in porch. 

Due to some moisture getting into our bedroom ceiling, Steve fastened a tarp over the trailer. Not only does this make our place look extra cool, it also allowed him to gaze out over the various vistas. Our conclusion: how on earth are we going to remove all these trees so that we can see some trees?!?

We also harvested the final veggies from our sorry little garden. 3 mini cucumbers, 1 mini squash, 3 regular squash. It’s a good thing I don’t have to live off the land. 

fall colors through a moist window

Steve worked on plumbing in the kitchen sink. I walked in and saw this:


What a jokester! After he switched it around, we realized we forgot a part at home. Maybe we will get running water on the kitchen next time. 

Morning at the farm begins with coffee next to the space heater. New breakfast possibilities abound, thanks to our new cooktop. I even made the bold move of bringing actual dishes to keep at the farm. Classy! If only there were a place to wash them…

Boy with foliage

Following our hearty meal, we enjoyed a bit of a hike. We took a long stroll through the woods, all the way back to the lovely Chippewa River. Such a beautiful fall day!

Only a few weekends left before it will be just too darn cold…


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