The summer kitchen is complete!

Finally, the big reveal! Last summer we started work on the old spare bedroom, knocking down walls, tearing out the old furnace and carpet. In case you blocked out that image, here it is. 

good times, good times

In the  last few weekends, we’ve made major strides towards completion.

Weekend 1

It started with a trip to IKEA to buy cabinets. [IKEA, if you’re following this blog, don’t feel like you owe me anything for all this free publicity…but we could use some poäng chairs] The process of buying cabinets at IKEA surprisingly efficient. When pressured for comment, Steve noted “they couldn’t make it any easier, really”. Once you’ve got your plan drawn up, the kitchen specialist sends your order downstairs. Then you go eat meatballs and shrimp sandwiches in the restaurant while you wait about 45  minutes for them to pull all the pieces together for you. They had all of it on a cart, which we then wheeled out to our car. Viölä! Pure Swedish magic!

The load was remarkably compact. How can this be a complete kitchen?! Every piece was neatly packaged along with text-free instructions. 

We assumed it would take all weekend to build a kitchen. We were wrong. We were basically finished in about 3 hours time. I’m not saying everyone can build an IKEA kitchen in 3 hours, but for the IKEA-savvy builder, this job ranks somewhere between the Billy bookcase with doors and the large Hemnes dresser. 

Weekend 2

There’s nothing quite like a new fridge. We also had a visit from our good friends Ian and Anika. What luck! I didn’t have to move that fridge! Thanks, Ian!

The menfolk

ta-da! fridge and sink in place!

We got the hole for the sink cut, and the upper cabinet mounted. Drat! The doors were the wrong size- so a trip back to IKEA was in order. 

playdate in the dirt and packing foam

Anika and I enjoying a cold one

Weekend 3

One more run to IKEA, and we were feeling confident that the big reveal wouldn’t be too far off.  We now had the right doors, the hand pulls, and some open shelving. It took about 3 more hours to get the last elements in place. Check it out!

This kitchen will probably never look this clean again.

I’m ready to do some real cooking in our beautiful IKEA kitchen! We still need the electrical outlets, but hey, I still wanted to model use of our new cooktop. 

Imaginary mac & cheese, anyone?

I even got the other wall wallpapered during this trip. 

Crappy drywall taper? try some cute wallpaper!

Before, and after. 

You can’t go wrong with marimekko

And there will be plenty to cook, as those weak little squash seedlings I planted have gone totally gangbusters! 

What’s up, Buttercup (squash)?

Fall is starting to show itself, so I’m thrilled that we will soon have a fully functioning kitchen on chilly days when the grill and picnic table just won’t cut it. 

Next time: plumbing and outlets and actual cooking! Cheers!

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One Response to The summer kitchen is complete!

  1. t4johnson says:

    WOW!!!!!! What an amazing transformation!

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