Go cheap, or go home

We’ve made some real progress these last  couple weekends! We’ve gotten the temporary kitchen space whipped into shape. As we near the end of stage 1 (aka make part of the trailer inhabitable so we can start work on the REAL cabin), I thought I’d share some helpful cost-saving tips. Cabin renovation on the cheap can easily be accomplished if you follow a few simple guidelines.

1. Take advantage of free labor. My kid has been begging to “help” me paint. This project is the perfect place to let him loose with a brush. We’ve got nothing to lose. 

2. When you stand before the flooring samples at your local home improvement store, it’s tempting to buy something aesthetically appealing. But really, when you compare it to your plywood subflooring, anything will look better. So stick with the 50 cents per square foot vinyl. I figure this will only motivate us to get going on the real cabin even more. 

Actually, it doesn’t look half bad!

3. When you see something you love on sale, buy it. Especially if it’s curtains. I found these lovelies on clearance last summer at Åhléns in Sweden. I didn’t have a purpose for them at that time, but you never know when you’re gonna need funky curtains. Check out the bonus bird! I didn’t even know that was there until I opened them all they way to hang them. 

4. Don’t paint the spot where you’re putting the fridge and new cabinets. Sounds lame, I know. But I was able to do this whole room with just one can of paint! By following this simple rule, you not only save cash, but your friends won’t ask you to come help them with projects. 

5.  This final tip is perhaps the most useful. Read your new IKEA catalogue. It’s full of inspiration! Our new cabinets are coming from there- we need actual cabinets that close because of menacing rodents-I don’t have time to re-wash my wine glass each visit.  But did you see the new micro kitchen in the new IKEA catalogue? It’s brilliant! 

This tiny kitchen is fantastic!

Outside the cabin, summer is showing signs of waning. A new rug and some fall flowers glam up the front stoop. Our resident chipmunk has also been scampering by with some regularity…just a little too close for comfort. 

We have 2 apples ripening nicely in the orchard. Steve took down a couple random pine trees and a couple dead apple trees. We also discovered two more sizable Apple trees that were hidden by a massive hazelnut bush. I downloaded a book about caring for fruit trees, so maybe next year we can have an actual apple harvest.

A boy and his pick axe. Steve smashing an old stump to smitherines in the background.

I’m looking forward to putting my IKEA furniture building skills to use next weekend as we install the kitchen cabinets and sink. Until then, cheers!

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