When life gives you dewberries…

Sometimes the Internet lets you down. This week’s cabin visit reminded me not to trust everything you read online. Case in point: dewberries. Are dewberries really a thing? Steve told me that all the berries growing along the driveway were dewberries, a berry I was not familiar with.  I was filled with joy as first my car, and later my legs, were scratched by their reaching limbs. 

I enthusiastically picked all the dewberries I could. I placed them in bags and took them home, eager to channel my inner Martha Stewart and create something wonderful. But first to learn more about this mysterious berry.  After extensive internet searching, I’ve concluded they do exist and they are neither blackberries nor black raspberries. But despite Wikipedia pages and images online, I was unable to confirm this species. I hope they aren’t poisonous. 

I searched for recipes that would showcase this summer splendor, and was excited to try this one: black raspberry and Brie bites. I happily bought puff pastry and got started. I also made some with cream cheese and dewberries, for Steve and Ivan (they simply don’t share my appreciation for Brie). Things looked so promising…

And then they baked. 

Only one stayed shut during the baking process. But I was still hopefully that they would be delicious. 

Er. Nope. The cream cheese version turned the dewberries into “don’t berries”. But the Brie ones were pretty good. I’m not satisfied with the dewberry baking projects yet: there’s more work to do!

After all that work, we threw most of them away. And I only made a small dent in the dewberry stores. Do you remember that Friends episode with all the jam? That might be me tomorrow. 

While I was picking berries, Steve got the gate up at the end of the driveway. 

I think it turned out quite nicely. It’s really welcoming, while also saying “stay out, you!”  I think we were smart to avoid the lion statues. 

Oh wait, wrong picture. This is our gate. 

The mosquitoes have been frisky this summer, so Steve decided we needed a net enclosure. I think we need to hire a contractor and just build the screened in porch (along with the the rest of the cabin). It looks like we are ready to host quite the party now! Maybe a pool party?

Next visit will involve painting the temporary kitchen. But to make you thoroughly jealous, here are some sweet photos of early mornings at the farm. Enjoy!

Long-legged boy with his iPad. 

Until next time…Zzzzzz….

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