Picnic table bliss

After spending last weekend at that beautiful lake cabin in Minnesota, I was worried that I might find the farm a bit disappointing. But as I bumped along down the driveway in the John Deere mower tractor yesterday, I found that I felt pretty content. Each trip to the farm brings a little more comfort. This week our progress included a major improvement– a picnic table! 

Men at work

At last!

No more lugging cinder blocks around the yard to fashion a table out of a warped piece of plywood that’s the wrong height for any chair. No, this is legit. And it’s beautiful. 

Tablecloth by one of my favorite Swedish designers- GudrunSjoden.com

In the morning we woke up to some rain, which was fine since our building task was to tape and mud the temporary kitchen. I grilled up some maple sausages from my favorite butcher shop- McDonald’s Meats in Clear Lake, MN. This breakfast of champions was served up in the future kitchen amidst sawhorses and 5-gallon buckets. Now that’s classy!

Coffee with a side of drywall screws

We finished the taping and mudding. Can you picture our kitchenette there? It’s coming! We planted some sad little seedlings so hopefully I’ll be cooking up something tasty in that kitchen by the end of summer. 

insert kitchen here

Deer food or just plain doomed?

Until next time…cheers!

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