Cabin Rehabin Down Under

G’day, mates! Pass the Vegemite!

You may have been missing updates from the Cabin Rehabin team during the long, cold winter. Our family got the amazing opportunity to lead a study abroad program in Australia from Feb-June this year. 

Making an Aussie friend.

This beats February in Wisconsin…

That means that the last time we were at the cabin was right before we left. We Discovered a broken window – so glam. 

But in one week from now, we will be back in the Midwest, and that’s got me thinking ahead to the projects this summer. Steve swears that he temporary cabin is almost done- just some paint and then moving the fridge, adding the sink and countertops. And voila! A kitchen/living space will be born! 

I thought I’d post about Aussie and Kiwi (oh, we also went to New Zealand) elements that could be integrated into our cabin. Here are my ideas:

  1. Better climate
  2. White sand beaches
  3. Koala bears
  4. Wombats
  5. Not checking email outside of work hours. 
  6. Eating more things that grow/are found on the farm. 

If #6 sounds good to you too, allow me to elaborate. As part of the program, we spent a week camping in the outback in an area known as The Goldfields (Western Australia). Our aboriginal hosts treated us to some bush tucker (grub found in nature- and I do mean grub. Or grubs.)

Eating a witchety grub.

What’s a witchety grub? this. I ate this.

Dig around under a tree and you’ll find honey ants. pop the butt, and yum!

Ok, clearly I can’t keep koalas and wombats on the farm. And I’m not eating any more bugs. It’s actually autumn down here now, and the trees are losing their leaves and the temps have dropped considerably. Just south of Perth lies a region called Margaret River. It’s a bit like Napa- wineries, hills, caves, and kangaroos. Ok, it’s a little different. But the orchards make me long for fruit trees. We have 5 apple trees that haven’t produced these last few years. In researching how to expand our orchard, I learned that we need to prune them. Duh. Clearly I have much to learn, but I plan to add some cherries and plums to the orchard. You can trust that I’m serious because I even created a Pinterest page about fruit trees. I have like 20 pins, you guys. 

Our next update will be back from the farm. See you there!


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