October on the farm

Just because I haven’t posted in a few weeks, doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy with our renovations.  We’ve been working to get the new livingroom/kitchenette into a livable condition. Steve pulled out the old furnace to open up the space. That left us with a scary hole in the ceiling. 

How would you like to walk under this hole?

  I hate to think of the many hours spent investigating the mystery wires we uncovered! The progress has been slow, But we do now have the ceiling, walls and floors covered and closed up to the elements. 


A new light fixture to match our new ceiling!


The fall colors have been spectacular! 

It’s getting cold. Ivan and I found some frost this morning. 

For now, the space heater in the bedroom is enough. But soon we will need more to keep our little cabin toasty. And I’m longing for my new kitchenette. Tired of hotdogs and burgers on the grill. 



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