Little trailer on the prairie

 Summer is coming to an end. I’ve been back in school for 2 weeks already.  Our weekly trips to the farm have slowed to every other week, but we continue to make good progress. We were smart to bring a space heater along this week, as it was downright chilly once the sun went down.   
My Swedish clogs now live at the farm. Ideal for going between our nicer indoor space and the construction zone/dirt pit. 

Our “farm” turns out to have some edibles! Although the apple trees didn’t do well this year, we have some other crops to harvest. We found tons of dew berries and raspberries, as well as some questionable looking mushrooms. We have several hazelnut bushes, which will come in handy once I remember to bring my gin and tonic to the property. Or if I start roasting coffee beans. 

looks harmless enough…


How do you know when your hazlenuts are ready?

Indoors, the second bedroom is morphing into a fairly promising looking living space. At least the mice seem to think so (eeeek!)  
 The green carpet is history. Sorry, folks. 


Check out those straight edges, and our new door!

Today I cut and hung dry wall all by myself! Steve also put in a door between our living space and the uninhabitable zone. I think I saw a mole in the kitchen last night. Close up that door, pronto!!

 Ivan admired mommy’s mad screwdriver skills. 

I also noticed a second round of zucchinis growing in the garden. Hazelnut-raspberry- zucchini-mushroom Parmesan, anyone? With a side of mole? (The animal, although the sauce would surely be yummier). 

Next time- electrical outlets and drywall in our new livingroom/kitchen space. 


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