We did it! Let’s do it again (I guess). 

We have successfully created a serene refuge within the wilds of the farm. Our new bedroom looks great! Last week we spent the night for the first time, and all 3 of us managed to sleep well.  I was a little worried when we drove up late at night. I mean, look at this place!

Midnight arrival- could this place look any creepier?!?

 Ivan got us up at his normal time- 6:30. We scarfed down some poptarts and we were  back into demo by 7:30.   


good morning, farm!


Our bedroom became habitable thanks to an IKEA bed frame and fluffy pillows.


a boy and his iPad

So why not make our during-demo accommodations just a little more luxurious by adding a temporary kitchen? Our plan is to tear off half the trailer at a time, and the half we are staying in has another small bedroom. So we are tearing out the walls to make an open living space. Are we insane? Most definitely. But having a dining/living space while we do construction will be awfully nice. So park the kiddo with an iPad, and grab the sledgehammer: this wall, that old furnace and random studs are all coming down. 

View of second bedroom from the front door, looking down the hall. that wall’s gotta go!


maybe a kitchen woukd be more valuable than a storage room…

In other news, it was harvest time in zucchini-ville. Let’s just say I’m tired of cooking with zucchini. And I fear more are waiting for me next trip. 


“boy with gourd” (are zucchinis gourds? is this how you spell gourd? and zucchini?)

Meanwhile, back in the trailer…  
(Drum roll please!) we shot a time lapse video of the 2nd room demo. Check it out!


total destruction

Ta-da! What a mess. Guess we will clean it up next time. 


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