Progress on two beds

We’ve been home from Sweden for nearly a week, and our withdrawl symptoms are pretty strong. So we began our Saturday with a trip to IKEA to bask in the warm glow of engineered birch. Actually, we needed to pick up a bed frame for the cabin, which was a dark engineered walnut, ironically. We enjoyed a plate of meatballs, and drank our lingondricka. De-lish!

Our little vegetable bed has all but disappeared into the woods, but upon careful examination I spied a dozen baby zucchinis.  


hey, didn’t there used to be a veggie patch here?

Steve worked diligently on the cieling fan installation for more than an hour before realizing that there was actually no power running to the box where we want to hang it. Stupid. The best part of this story is that he was running our new GoPro camera on time lapse, so we can share our misfortune with you! 

We had better luck with our IKEA bed frame. It took us till late in the evening, and the lighting sucks because of the stupid overhead light box that just plain doesn’t work. But the bed looks great! I think we will be sleeping here soon!  

Auxilliary fan is ruining my feng shui!



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