The Swedish Cabin


The Swedish summer cabin is reminiscent of the Minnesota or Wisconsin cabin. Like Midwesterners, Swedes relish the opportunity to unplug out in the countryside. We were luckily to spend a few days in northern Sweden this week staying with some friends. Their cabin is located on the High Coast, a 5-hour drive north of Stockholm on the Baltic Sea. Traditional Swedish farmsteads are timber structures painted red with white trim. There are usually multiple buildings, which would have been used for storage and housing livestock in the past. But now they house out of town guests. 

Walking between buildings is part of the experience, rain or shine, sober or not. We were lucky enough to stay in the building that also housed the sauna, as well as the indoor outhouse. Taking a bastu (sauna) in Sweden often involves nudity and beer, neither of which will be pictured here. 


Midnight sun (well, this is more like 7pm sun) and wine


Strong coffee, delicious cheese…


Picking (and eating) blueberries

 Another important element is coffee. Swedish summers are often rainy and cool, necessitating pot after pot of coffee. 

Some cute cabin elements I want to import to our own place are traditional fences, rag rugs, and  built-in bunk beds.  


traditional Swedis rag rug


built -in bunk beds

And ABBA, of course. 


Abba should be part of any Swedish cabin- i always play Abba when doing renovations. and be sure to visit ABBA The Museum when in Stockholm!


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