Green thumb, red face

Our home in the Twin Cities sits on a wooded lot, and I have trouble growing anything other than hostas. I can get a few flowers and basil to grow in a pot on the deck, but that’s the limit of my sun-thirsty garden plants. 

But at the farmer have oodles of sunny land! Wouldn’t it be great to have some fresh veggies waiting for us each weekend we head out there?

2 weeks ago we planted seeds at home, and let them grow up a bit before transferring them to our new little garden at the farm. Such a good activity for Ivan- he loves dirt!

After a few days we had sprouts…

And then real, little plants ready to transfer to their new home. 


When I think about gardening, it always seems so fun. Pretty plants, the promise of red tomatoes, peas, and zucchinis seduce me. So I started digging up the earth to create my little garden bed. Sunshine and 78 degrees- what could be better. Oh my God! Digging up the ground was exhausting! The sweat dripped down my face while Ivan’s toy front loader “helped me”, and the threw dirt onto my head. We were both getting pretty overheated, so I was happy we had purchased a kiddie pool to bring to the farm. I changed my dirty boy into his swimsuit and he splayed around in the clean water. This moment of knowing he was cooling off AND clean brought me a sense of relaxation and satisfaction. I sat in the shade and allowed my overheated self to regain motivation to finish creating that bed.  


After about 10 mins, I figured to was time to finish up my gardening chore. I grabbed my shovel, and Ivan grabbed his earth moving equipment. Within moments my wet boy was caked in mud, laying in the bed. Did he need a nap? He then ran back and forth, dirt, pool, dirt, pool – until you no longer could distinguish between the two. So much for my clean child. 

At one point I thought I was just going to have to lay down in the grass, I was so hot and miserable! My head ached, and I was remembering why people usually wore gardening gloves and I looked and my dirt-caked hands. Finally I had to just call it a day. Ivan helped me stick the little plants in their new bed, and then we got cleaned up. I didn’t manage to get the pumpkin plants into their new home in a different part of the yard. Something to look forward to, I suppose.  

Here’s my bed. Just missing one edge, but all the seedlings are in there. Let’s hope they survive the week until we can care for them again. 


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