Endless demo…

Any show on HGTV concludes demo within about the first 8 minutes of the episode. I feel as though I’m stuck in a demo time warp- surrounded by dust, dirt and endless mucky jobs. Honestly, today I just didn’t have the will to keep going. The following photo is a total sham. In actuality, I wielded nothing but a poor attitude all day. 

Steve, on the other hand, made good progress tearing out an old closet, installing a new sink faucet, putting in new subfloor, and getting the hot water to work. Go Steve, go! 

  Check out this bathroom vanity. Look at those crazy pulls and the lovely two-tone cabinet doors. Steve replaced the faucet and the water pressure was nearly normal! The one thing I managed to accomplish was a coat of $10 random paint  color from “oops, we mixed it up wrong” shelf at Lowe’s. 

 Voila!  Not bad for letting a 2 year-old help me. 

We aren’t quite ready for an overnight yet, but getting closer. Then the real demo will begin!



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