Skip to my loo, my darling 

Don’t worry. I’m not posting any toilet pictures. Well- I guess technically we have been peeing in the woods…

Our apple trees 

Today we made headway on a few different fronts. Our number one (and number 2) goals were accomplished by Steve- he got the toilet working! The luxury! And I cleaned it thoroughly. It even has a new seat! However, more plumbing work remains- it would be nice to wash ones hands afterwards. I learned to drive the John Deere tractor mower and successfully fought back the forest.  

I’ve been feeling down about how crappy my photos of the property look.  (Did  you know that “Crap” was the last name of the Englishman who invented the flush toilet?!?).  Why are there trash cans and piles of rotting building supplies in every shot? So today’s pics focus on the scenic beauty of our western Wisconsin home. Enjoy!

     Mowing the long and winding driveway… 

Moonrise at dusk…
At the end of the day it got quite chilly and I was anxious to head home. Steve wanted to just sit and enjoy being in the country since he had been working nonstop. I suggested again that we simply pay someone to build this cabin for us. *sound of crickets chirping*



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