It seems like it’s been raining for weeks here. Finally, a dry day was predicted for the Friday starting Memorial Day Weekend, so we pounced! I bought a grill, a couple of plastic chairs, and a tiny box of wine. I was going to sit and enjoy my wine at the farm!

Other goals included Steve getting all the busted pipes in the basement fixed, mowing the “yard” and driveway, building the grill and cleaning out and turning on the refrigerator. We called Steve’s mom to see if she could come over and help watch Ivan, but she was booked babysitting his cousins. We had s brilliant idea- bring the tween girls up to the farm for burgers and hotdogs on our new grill! We will probably even have running water by tonight!

When we arrived we were met with a flat tire on the mower, so that would have to wait for another dry day. I spent about 4 hours assembling that d@*n grill. Steve kept emerging from the basement covered with more and more rusty water, saying he didn’t have enough pvc pipe to get the water on. Time was running out. The cousins and grandma would be here soon. At least the grill was assembled and the fridge was clean and running. 

After our guests arrived, Steve emerged from the cobwebbed depths of plumbing hell and told us he was turning the water on. So exciting! But all we got was a trickle. Enough to wash our hands for dinner. Oh well. At least the grill worked. 


And my wine was chilled enough to enjoy. Cheers!


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