Could I really sleep there? Can we even get out there?

May 1- Here’s the dilemma: because we live 2.5 hours from the farm, drive time takes up a lot of our work time on the weekends. It’s not easy to stay in a hotel, because Ivan goes to bed and 8, and we would have to sit silently in the dark from that hour onward. We really need a place to sleep over. 

Normal people would say “just sleep in a tent!”  But I don’t do camping. Plus there are the ticks. Nope. Not happening. 

So we are left with the old trailer. Maybe that could work. Sleep in the bedroom, and cut off the other side of the trailer and begin the remodel there.  

 And so we started the process of cleaning up a bedroom so we can stay there. Steve pulled up the old worn carpet to reveal two large holes in the floor, leading straight to the basement.  Good thing that old carpet was tacked so well or I certainly would have fallen through at some point! Once the room was emptied, it didn’t look half bad. Next step: new subfloor, walls, paint and carpet. Oh, and fixing the busted plumbing so we can take a nice shower to rinse the grime off of us at the end of the day. 

Helpful hint- don’t apply sunscreen to a toddler just before you unleash him near the cabin!

May 19- it’s been a few weeks with no progress on the cabin. First we had graduation, at which professors like me get to dress up in our hard-earned hoods and gowns and celebrate with our students and their families. Then there was Mother’s Day, followed by a week of grading papers. As did I mention the Midwestern Monsoon? It seems like it’s been raining nonstop for weeks! 

And last week my clutch went out. So now we have time to go work, but no car to tow the stuff. Hence,  no building updates.  But when my car does come back from the shop, it’s full speed ahead with drywall, flooring and paint. And plumbing. 

And hopefully it’s not too long before we can get a picnic table, a grill and a chilled bottle of Riesling out there. 



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2 Responses to Could I really sleep there? Can we even get out there?

  1. It wasn’t easier just to bulldose the trailer and start over? 😉

    • It probably would be, but the we don’t have the luxury of a place to sleep and shower while building. Plus the bulldozer is currently out of commission. (We do have one, and a front loader!)

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