Grab that chainsaw…

The long winter is finally over, and preparations for what will likely be a busy summer of renovations have begun. We grabbed saws abd clippers, donned our leather gloves and began clearing out what will be our future front yard. This will hopefully reduce the bug quotient during our work time, and make play time much more bearable as well.  


As you can see in the before photos, the yard is overgrown with old trees (many dead), and saplings and brambles. Oh, and garbage and a rotting trailer. There’s about an acre here that we want to clear, so we can have views of beautiful rolling hills from the house.  


This old Deere cuts through it all, we discovered. Plus, it makes for darling photo ops. 

Little Ivan adores “the farm”- mostly because of the dirt. 

And finally- here are the after photos. 


I’ll spare you the images of picking ticks off of ourselves. But trust me, we did that too. 

Until next week…

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