Welcome to Cabin Rehabin’!

This is just the beginning. It’s summer in Minnesota. I am an academic, which means I have 3 lovely months working on projects from home. While I love my house near a lake in the Twin Cities metro, I long for that summer cabin life. Not only is the tradition of escaping to a cabin in the woods part of Minnesota culture, it is also part of my Swedish heritage. Last year, my sambo (Swedish for live-in partner) inherited nearly 100 acres on the Chippewa River in northern Wisconsin. Our plan is to create our very own cabin retreat on this property, essentially doing it all ourselves.

I am creating Cabin Rehabin’ because I’ve enjoyed reading blogs about others’ summer cabin projects. We anticipate our cabin rehabin’ to take several years considering the limitations of our full time jobs, modest building skills and 18 month old son.

Above you can see the preliminary plans for the cabin. The footprint will be the existing basement of a mobile home on the property. Utilizing this foundation will hopefully make the building process fairly straight forward- we have a well (with the greatest water in the world, I might add), septic, electricity and even internet.

This past weekend we completed the first task of the project. The first step was the clean out my father-in-law’s old home, a somber task. Anyone who has had to go through a loved one’s possessions following their passing knows how emotional it is. You get an up-close view of someone’s dreams when you see the items they were gathering, and in this case, even the drawings they made. He had wanted something more beautiful on his property in the woods.

This is what the building site looks like today.

The trailer in summer 2014

The trailer in summer 2014






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3 Responses to Welcome to Cabin Rehabin’!

  1. Oh come on Cabin Rehabin’! I would love to read about your cabin project! Does this mean there hasn’t been much action? I’m interested because I’m at the tail end of my summer cabin reno in northern Minnesota (cabincrush.com) and I’m longing to commiserate with someone. You, however, are much more ambitious than i (or we, as it were) and we have hired some strong and sturdy Finnish carpenters to help us. That alone is a good story. Good luck with your project and I hope to read about it soon! ~Kristin Nilsen

    • Hi Kristin!
      I just noticed your post- thanks for following my blog. 🙂

      I’m going to check yours out. Fun that we share this. Nordic style cabin dream in Minnesota.

      No action lately, as you’ll read about in my post today. But as soon as my car is back, we will be back at it. I wish we could hire some help, but my partner really likes doing it himself. I may get him to crack at some point.

      Off to read your blog!

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